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Latest Football Match Review 2010  

Honduras V/S Chile 2010 World Cup Match Review  

South Africa V/S Uruguay : 2010 World Cup Match Review  

 England V/S Algeria  Algeria contained England to a stalemate 

Germany V/S Serbia Spectacular Serbian defence tamed high flying Germans.

Argentina v /s South Korea Higuain powered Argentina past South Korea

Football is a popular sport across the world. In America and some other parts of the world, football is known by the name soccer. Football is a simple ball game involving two teams having 11 players each, on a 100*75 yards pitch. It is divided into two half’s and there are goal posts at two ends. Goal Posts are made of metal bars, covered with net. The motive of the game is to score goals by shooting or heading the ball inside the opposition’s goal post. The team scoring the most goals will win.

Football used to be known by the name “Association football” during those days, when Football Association in England codified this sport to have distinction from other forms of football like Rugby football, Gaelic football etc. Many clubs still have abbreviation of Association Football Club, “AFC,”  added to their names. Football Association framed the laws of football for the first time in 1963.English people spread the game wherever they went. Football is played over 200 countries and is an Olympic sport. FIFA,” Federation Internationale de Football Association”  is the governing body of football on global level. Football federations of various countries and continental football associations have affiliation with FIFA. They frame the rules for the football game. FIFA organises world cups in various categories. Mens World cup is the most popular one. Thirty-two teams qualify for the world cup after qualifying rounds along with the host nation. Teams progressing from the group stages, will play round of 16.The winners from that round will play in quarterfinals. The winners from the quarterfinals will play the semi-finals. Two teams will progress to the final and winner of it will be the world champions. World cups are organised in every four years.

The players in the team have different roles. Goalkeepers protect the goal posts and they can use their hands to stop the ball from entering the goal post, inside the penalty box. However, they cannot collect the ball from a back pass with hands. Defenders play just ahead of the goalkeeper. Their duty is to mark the opposition strikers and to scuttle any attack on their own goal post. The defenders playing on the centre are centre backs. The defenders on the left and right side are wingbacks. Wingbacks sometimes run through the wing and help the attacking players. The mid field consists of defensive midfielders, attacking midfielders, wingers. The composition of the midfielders in the team depends upon the formations. Wingers attack through the wings and provide crosses into the opposition goal for the team. Attacking midfielders have more of a free role to attack from the midfield ,just behind the strikers. Defensive midfielders are the ones who snatches ball from opposition players and they hold up the play. They will pass the ball and start the attacks. Strikers are the ones who play upfront. Their duty is to collect passes and crosses from their teammates and shoots or head the ball for goal.


A football match spans over two sessions of 45 minutes each. Team winning the toss will select their preferred end and during the second half, they will play from the other end. In the league games if the score ends on level terms then match will be considered as a draw. However in cup games or knockout matches, if the two teams are level on score, then two additional sessions of 15 minutes each will be played. If the teams remain equal on score even after extra time, then penalty shootout will decide the outcome of the game. Each team will get five spot kick each. Team scoring the most will win. In shootouts if the two teams remains level on score, then sudden death will be there. If one team misses a goal and if other team scores, then that team will be winner.   

There are four referees for officiating, a football match. Match referee will handle the match inside the pitch. Two assistant referees on the sidelines will assist the main referee in decisions. Assistant referee will pull up his flag if a player is fouled in his vicinity or if he finds a player in offside position. Match referee has the power to warn the players on fouls. If the players persist with their fouls, then referee will show the yellow card. If someone gets two yellow cards, then referee will send  off the player from the pitch, after showing red card. Referee may show Straight red card to players, if the challenge is nasty. For handling, the ball inside the box sometimes warrants red card. Goalkeepers cannot touch the ball outside the penalty box. Any player  can score a goal. If any player pulls down opposition players or handle the ball inside their own penalty box ,then opposition team will get  a  penalty kick. If a player is fouled, then his team will get a free kick. There are specialists free kick takers who can aim at the goal with shot or can give amazing crosses for his teammates to score.  

In every nation, there is national league for football. In football leagues, there will be around 20 teams and they play each other on home and away basis. The teams are generally professional football clubs. The team with the maximum points will win the league. There are cup competitions played on knock out basis. English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A etc are some of the top leagues in the world. Every continental football organisations organises continental level football leagues and cups for clubs. In the case of Europe, the top teams in various leagues of Europe will qualify for UEFA champions league. The cup winners and some other top finishers from leagues will qualify for Europa league. Like that, there is AFC champions league in Asia, Copa libertadores in South America ,African Champions league in Africa and many more. The continental football organisations ,organise continental football tournaments for nations such as euro cup in Europe, Asia Cup in Asia, Copa America in South America, Gold Cup in North America, and African Nations cup in Africa.

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