Brad Friedel

10 Aug

Brad Friedel is one of the best goalkeepers coming from USA. Friedel currently plays for English club Aston Villa. He was part of US squad in three world cups. “The Human Wall” is the nickname given to him by his fans. He holds the English Premier League record of 190 consecutive appearances. He is one of the all time best goalkeepers in English premier league.


Brad Howard Friedel was born at Lakewood in USA on 18th May 1971.He played for UCLA during his youth career. Friedel had a contract with USSF for playing only for USA during the preparation for FIFA 2004 world cup. In 1994, Friedel joined Newcastle United on loan from USSD. He went to Danish club Brondby in 1994 on loan, as he did not get the work permit to play for New Castle. He played 10 matches for Brondby. He remained returned to USA after loan period and remained with USSF. In 1995, Friedel joined Galatasaray on a transfer deal worth 1.1 million dollars. Friedel helped Galatasaray to win the Turkish cup in 1996.He played 37 matches for Galatasaray. In 1996, Friedel moved back to USA and joined MLS side Columbus Crew. In first season, he played 12 games for them. In 1997, he played 33 matches for Columbus and he was the best goalkeeper of MLS that year.

In 1997, Liverpool bought Friedel for 1.7 million dollars. He made his premier league debut while playing against Aston villa in 1998.He was a second choice keeper at Liverpool and he played only 31 matches. In 2000, Friedel moved to Blackburn Rovers based on free transfer. He helped Blackburn rovers to avoid relegation in 2002. He helped Blackburn to win League cup in 2002.During 2002/2003 season he kept 15 clean sheets and he made it to the Premier league X1 for that season. In 2003, Blackburn Rovers adjudged Friedel as the club’s Player of the year .In 2004, he scored a goal against Charlton towards the closing minutes of the match, and he helped Rovers to draw the game. He played in UEFA cup matches for Blackburn Rovers. Friedel played 381 matches for Blackburn Rovers.

Friedel joined Aston Villa on a transfer deal worth 2.5 million dollars. Friedel made his debut for Aston villa during an UEFA Cup qualification match in 2008.He helped them to qualify for it. In 2008, Friedel created history to be the one to play 167 continuous matches in Premier league. He helped Aston villa to finish sixth in the Premier league during 2008/2009 season. He has played 46 matches for Aston villa in that season. He won preseason tournament Peace cup with Aston Villa in 2009.

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Friedel made his international debut for USA in 1992 while playing against Canada. He played in 1998 world cup. He helped USA to reach the quarterfinals of 2002 world cup. He amazingly saved two spot kicks in a world cup match. He bid adieu to International football in 2005.Friedel was the Hermann trophy winner in 1992.He was the US Soccer Athlete of the year in 2002.Friedel is known for his resilience and he has produces some amazing saves during his career.

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